Jan 30 2010


The swiss artist Ulrich Weidmann is born 1962 in Zürich. Since his childhood he experienced artistic creativity like visual arts through his father, whereby artwork always was something naturally for him.
His own interest for artistic work came to awaken in his youth and was showing up in drawings, creative collective paintings, couache paintings and specially photography. Later, in his 20ties he started to improve his artistic activities and did his first painting in oil what he continued with, up to now. The first paintings already contained photographic elements. Later he learned about digital imaging and 3D rendering on PC. Today one can say that his technic of artwork is a synthesis of four elements, such as photography, digital arts, 3D rendering and traditional painting in oil.
Ulrich Weidmann never visited any art schools and creativity courses. His artworks are completely free of ongoing influence and mainstream of the modern art society. His pictures are inspired through experiences in untouched nature, travel, trough examination of the inner aspects of life as well as practice in meditation, up for years. The contemplator will be carried to sometimes irritating emotions and will be animated for reflection by suptle compositions  and accomplished play with saturated colours.

In his actual artistic trend is a tendency towards  simplicity and silence.

Born in 1975 in the Philippines. Dessa formerly helped Filipino students pass their examination in art. In Switzerland she took up art again.